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Quick Start (Tkinter)

The twain module can only be used in an application with a message loop. This section describes how to use the module in a Tk application.

The following source code demonstrates a simple application, which retrieves images from the scanner (or other image source), and displays the images in the form. This program is called and is in the demo directory of the distribution.

To connect to the data source, select File->Connect from the menu. The source manager should give a list of the available data sources. To acquire an image, select File->Acquire from the menu.

Example :

from Tkinter import *

from simple_base import TwainBase

import ImageTk # PIL required

import traceback, sys

TITLE="Simple Twain Demo Using Tkinter"

class MainWindow(Frame, TwainBase):
    def __init__(self, title):
        Frame.__init__(self, colormap="new", visual="truecolor")
        MenuPanel = Frame(self, relief=RAISED, borderwidth=2)
        File = Menubutton(MenuPanel, text="File") = Menu(File)"Connect", command=self.MnuOpenScanner)"Acquire Natively", command=self.MnuAcquireNatively)"Acquire By File", command=self.MnuAcquireByFile)'separator')"Exit", command=self.MnuQuit)
        File['menu'] =
        MenuPanel.pack(side="top", fill=X, expand=1)
        self.bind('', self.OnQuit)

        self.imageLabel = Label(self)
        self.imageLabel.pack(side="left", fill="both", expand=1)

        # Print out the exception - requires that you run from the command prompt
        sys.excepthook = traceback.print_exception

        # Initialise TWAIN Base class

        # Initialise Idle Timer
        self.after(250, self.OnIdleTimer)

    def MnuQuit(self, event=None):
        self.Terminate()          # Terminate base class

    def OnQuit(self, event=None):

    def MnuOpenScanner(self, event=None):
        self.OpenScanner(self.winfo_id(), ProductName="Simple Tk Demo")

    def MnuAcquireNatively(self, event=None):

    def MnuAcquireByFile(self, event=None):

    def DisplayImage(self, filename):
            imagedata = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file=filename)
            self.imageLabel.pack(side="left", fill="both", expand=1)
            # Need to keep this object resident
            self.imagedata= imagedata
            ei = sys.exc_info()
            traceback.print_exception(ei[0], ei[1], ei[2])
    def LogMessage(self, message):

    def OnIdleTimer(self):
        self.after(250, self.OnIdleTimer)


Step 1 - MnuOpenScanner

The MnuOpenScanner calls the TwainBase OpenScanner method. The parameters are the windows handle for the main window, the name of this application and a flag to indicate whether we are using callbacks are polling.

The TWAIN protocol uses the client's windows message queue to perform communication. To access the message queue, the clients window handle is always passed to the SourceManager constructor. The window handle is retrieved using the Tkinter Frame.winfo_id() call.

Note: the Tkinter toolkit can only using the polling interface. The callback mechanism is unreliable with Tkinter.

Step 2 - MnuAcquireNatively, MnuAcquireByFile

When the client application wants to acquire a document from the scanner, it makes a request to the scanner to acquire the document. There are two transfer mechanisms, transfer by file or transfer natively.

There are implementation problems with some scanners which may make one of the mechanisms inoperable or unreliable.

Step 3 - DisplayImage

This is a simple method to display the image on the screen. The base class ProcessXfer method has done all of the heavy lifting.

The image stored in the file is generally a bitmap. Tkinter does not have a widget to display these images directly. Therefore this example uses the extensions in the Python Imaging Library (PIL) which you must download separately.

Step 4 - MnuQuit

The TWAIN software interfaces to your window message queue. If you close your window without deleting the Source Manager object, the TWAIN software may attempt to write messages to a deleted queue. This may cause your program to hang when it attempts to exit.

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